Below is a list of Top Scorers from the 2014 Football Championship. While it is a fun table to look at at the end of the year, the format of the Championship makes the Top scorer an odd measurement of performance. After all you need to be a good forward on a good team to have any chance of making this list.


Cillian O’Connor had a great year but he played New York and 2 games went to Extra Time, so his opportunities to score¬†were quite high. A very simple way to evaluate forwards is based on their time on the pitch. The table below¬†simply takes the Minutes Played by each forward and divides by their total score. This gives us a new calculation of Minutes Per Point. So on average how many minutes did each player ‘need’ for each score they got.


  • Sean Quigley jumps to top of the list with a very impressive Score nearly every 6 mins of play.
  • Cillian O’Connor really did have a phenomenal year. Even removing the New York game leaves him at the #2 spot with a Mins Per Point of 9.35
  • Michael Newman doesn’t make the Top 10 scoring list but appears here at number 5 with a score nearly every 11 mins.
  • Also worth noting that there are only 3 All Stars on this list, perhaps some data might help when they pick the 2015 list!!

It’s not a perfect measurement but does offer some additional context that the raw scoring chart fails to pick up.

*Update – Below is the Table just counting scores from play.


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