About Gaelic Stats

Gaelic Stats is Ireland’s premier Sports Data company. Collecting, Analyzing and most importantly Visualizing data so it can be better understood by coaches players or fans. There are many stereotypes and perceptions of Gaelic football but none of them have been proven or dis-proven in a factual way.

We want to change the following quote!

“In comparison to historical medicine, football analytics is currently in the time of leeches & blood lettings’ – Mark Brunkark.

About Rob Carroll

head-shot-largeRob is a Sports Performance Consultant. He works with sports teams & organisations to collect, analyse and visualize performance data so they can make better decisions and win more often. A Performance Analyst by trade, he runs a successful company providing many services & products to the sports industry.

Rob also runs a very successful website called thevideoanalyst.com which allows performance analysts from around the world come and share ideas. As a Performance Analyst for over 9 years, Rob has worked across numerous different sports and with a host of Senior Inter-county teams including Dublin, Louth, Meath, Down, Cork, DCU and Kildare. In that time Rob has seen some of the best (and worst) analysis and how much of an impact it can make on teams.

Rob has also recently been announced as the Performance Analyst to the Ireland team for the upcoming test series v’s the AFL.

If you want to get in touch why not drop me an email on rob@gaelicstats.com or call 0876590357

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