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RTÉ, Sure Mindshare and Kinetic Deliver Real-time GAA Stats

Gaelic Stats have been delighted to partner with Sure, RTE and the GAA to deliver the live stats at half-time and full time for this campaign.

Sure GAA ‘Beat the Stat’ – Ciarán Kilkenny & Lee ChinS

As part of the #NeverMoreSure campaign inconjunction with Teneo PSG Gaelic Stats provided the key information for their ‘Beat the Stat’ YouTube series.

Experimental Rules

Having worked extensively with Croke Park since 2011 our data has been used over the years to help inform and provide a more evidenced based approach to rule changes.

The data behind the proposed rule changes in Gaelic football

Rob Carroll sat through 322 matches and pored over around 100,000 handpasses


For too long the public has been depending on the thankless work of Leo Gough and Rob Carroll,

to name just two champions to the cause, who put numbers to the feats for the mere love of it. Contemporary fan demand numbers; they’re not getting enough.